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Das Sony Xperia Z3 ist ein Android Smartphone, welches 2014 auf den Markt kam und bekannt ist für seine lange Akkulaufzeit und Haltbarkeit.

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Why does (only) the lower part of my touch screen not respond?

When I bought this phone second hand, the very low part of the touch screen would not repond, which did not bother me too much. At this at the point the screen had already been replaced one. Then i dropped it and needed another screen replacement. Ive tried three screens now, the first did not work at all, second would only lighten up if i loosened te screen from the frame. now the third shows the full screen, but only reponds to touch in the upper part. Am I just very unlucky with the screens they deliver or is there something wrong with all the screen I ordered? thanks for your help

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Same thing with. Lower part of touch Screen is not working.


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Hey Albert, in my experience the Sony Xperia needs to be repaired by a proffesional. The xperia is not as easy as iT Seems.

Parts kan be detective to ofcourse. Double check al your connections and if possible talk to your supplier.

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I regularly order aftermarket Sony screens, the only stock available in the US. I also order OEM Sony screens from a Sony authorized vendor in Europe. The Sony OEM often costs 5 times as much, so my customers rarely choose this option, despite my encouragement to go OEM.

The aftermarket screen out there really are not great quality. Defective digitizers are highly common. Glass quality is often poor too. Asahi Dragontrail Glass (a Gorilla Glass alternative) is only found on the OEM parts. Aftermaket is usually cheap tempered glass.

I have never seen a defective Sony Service Pack screen.

Regardless of which part you use, I recommend a professional familiar with Sony. Sony is basically the last brand learned by most repair texh in the US, so few even know what they are doing.

Definitely go to a place that can inspect your motherboard under a microscope first. It is entirely possible that the digtitzer connector on the motherboard is damaged due to the repeated mashing efforts of someone.

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