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Model A1137 / 1, 2, or 4 GB capacity / black or white plastic front

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Sound is not working right (only sound from left ear plug)!

I would like to fix it myself! Is that possible?

The problem is: the music only comes out of the left earplug and when I squuze or push my Ipod then the music comes out of the right earplug. This does not last long when you ride the bike or walk it starts to act weird and then the music only comes out of the left one.

What to do!!!

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Sounds like you have a bad headphone jack. You could replace the jack yourself, but *** SPOILER ALERT*** it requires soldering.

If you're not too comfortable with soldering, the boards are usually pretty cheap and normally come with the headphone jack (at least the one's that I have seen). For a bonus, you could even purchase a larger capacity board. At any rate, either route would solve your problem.

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Ohms Law-would you mind emailing me the details-my nano is doing the same thing.

Email is uppercloh@gmail.com

Thank you in advance


please ask your own question and place your email address on your profile and not in the answer section.


+ It's likely to get scooped by spam bots out in the open.


OldTurkey, I definately understand what you are saying. Besides, I am trying to be a member of the community as myself and not as my company. I will strive to ensure I present a neutral viewpoint as often as possible.

And please feel free to edit/delete this string of comments regarding our off topic conversation.


I do appreciate this and I do like your answers. Most of us have our email in the profile so that others can contact us for any further help etc...just looks like solicitation when it is in the answer section. Nothing wrong with utilizing opportunities we have at our jobs,shops, whatever to help others out. I actually appreciate it. ;-) so keep on helping out.


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