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Angekündigt im März 2015, erschien das Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge am 10. April 2015, als die Version mit gekrümmtem Bildschirm von Samsung neustem Flaggschiff-Smartphone.

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Scared that I have to repair my Galaxy S6 Edge than just the screen

Hello, I am in a serious hard situation right now and I'm trying to look at my options to see if whether or not if my cellphone S6 Edge just has a glass problem or something else from this video here: this is my cellphone by the way in this video that I recorded 20-30minutes before this post. Anyway, does anyone know if I might have to replace more than just the glass and telling me if this is a LCD and/or Digitizer problem from this video? But is this a digitizer problem? I'm scared that I might have to replace the LCD and digitizer too. I can hear and receive calls and touch stuff on the screen, it's just messed up and I don't know if that's the glass problem because there is a black spot mark on the screen when I dropped my phone the other day which is a major drop again since I've owned this phone for almost 3 years. But please let me know if I need to replace just the glass screen and if it's another problem like the lcd or digitizer. Thanks.

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The is no video showing?


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@shadowfury this looks like a broken display. Remember that your Samsung has an awesome Super AMOLED technology display that does not like dropping it at all. If you play your video screen by screen there are a few instances where you can see that their is an abnormality showing at what appears to be an impact point

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Use this guide to change your display assembly Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Displayeinheit mit Rahmen ersetzen

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Thanks, I'll try this out. Those videos I've provided is similar to how the guide is shown here except the use of a heater gun, this uses the iOpener instead which I think is better than the risk that I could take from using a heat gun


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