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The PSP 300x was released in the U.S. on the 15th of October 2008. Repair of this device requires only common tools.

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Psp 3000 display after new motherboard

Hi everyone. I had a bricked psp 3004. I tried every combination which i saw at youtube. Didnt work for me. I found used psp 3004 motherboard and change it. It is ta-090. My bricked motherboard was ta-093 f1001 1.0a . After i power it up with new notherboard, my screen looks like this : https://ibb.co/eVten7 i can see icons on bottom area. But funny lines on screen. What is wrong with my display? Is it display or motherboard problem? Thanks for your help.

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Before looking into replacing any component check the connection between the LCD panel and the motherboard. You might have not inserted the screen ribbon cable or the screen power ribbon properly. I suggest that you disconnect the screen and plug it back in. Also while at that, check the screen ribbon cable for damage, anything like small dents and/ or bending signs could damage these fragile ribbon cables.

If you find nothing and reseating all screen connections does not fix your issue, replace the screen.

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hello @alexniculescu thanks for your reply. I cant see any physical damage on screen or ribbon cable. i try to move screen when it is connected to motherboard. then i disconnect and connect it again. but the pattern

on the screen isnt change a bit. exactly same which i show you at the picture.


Well, it looks like you'll have to replace the screen as well. @tunaerkan


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