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30-pin to Lightning charger only works when I shake it

I have the iHome docking station which I originally got for my iPod Touch in 2011 and I got the charger port thing that's 30-pin to Lightning so that I can now charge my iPhone, but when I plug it in and it's dead, I have to move my charger a bit so that it will charge.

This doesn't happen when my phone isn't dead/partially charged.

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Is it the 30 pin or the lighting connection you're having a problem with?

You could try cleaning both. If you're cleaning out the lightning port, you want to be really careful as there are 8 pins that make it function (if any break you could stop the whole device from charging). Hold the phone face down so that the pins are on the top and scrape with something like a toothpick. You can usually get quite a bit of fluff out of the port and this could aid the charging. You can do a similar thing with the 30 pin connection but I would suspect it was the lighting connection rather than the 30 pin as it can get easily clogged with dirt/dust.

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I think it might be the phone. I haven't tested it out on any other devices other than my broken 5S and 5C, it only charges itself when it still has a bit of battery left. So if it's on 1% or more, it'll charge without me having to shake it. If it's dead, I have to move it around a bit for it to charge. I got my 5S second hand, if that might have anything to do with it.


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