Jeep Repair— 2013 jeep Sahara hood wont open

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Installed grill guard now hood won’t open or release enough to reach the safety latch.


I installed a mesh grill guard and now I cant open the hood at all.

When I unhook the latches the hood raises a tiny bit but not enough for me to squeeze my finger in to release the safety latch. Please please tell me someone can assist me in this dilemma.

The guard was pressed up against the key hole access but I took bolt cutters to that area to see if it was just locked but it’s not. When I had the key in, I couldn’t move the key to lock or unlock it.

If I have messed up anything with the latch mechanism, I guess it’s ok (semi lol), I can get that fixed (I think). I just want to open the hood and uninstall the guard and begin assessing the damage. I just feel I really need to be able to open the hood.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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