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iPad Pro 12.9 no power please help

Hello everyone one of our techs was working on a iPad Pro 12.9 screen replacement today and when testing the new screen the iPad would not turn on at all any more. I put it under a microscope and saw something missing I have no idea what it is. I’m going to attach an image please help me identify what it is and if I can pull it off of a iPad mini, Air etc and replace it?

Thanks in advance

Block Image

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@irepairlab, is the iPad drawing any current from a USB amp meter?

Is it no power, not charging, or no display?


no power not charging i tunes will not read it


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Unfortunately there are no schematics available for the 12.9 iPad and I don't have one laying around either. However what you are pointing to are capacitors around the PMIC so I would say that a missing capacitor is unlikely to be the reason why the iPad is not turning on.

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i noticed no info on them at all I havent worked on a lot of these but would you have any idea where I can look for a problem i have it under a microscope i cant find anything else missing or burned?




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