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Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen Smart Watch manufactured by Motorola Mobility in 2015. Wearable Smartwatch that connects to your phone.

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Why isn't moto 360 2nd gen holding a charge?

Hi I have been having troubles with my Moto watch. I finally found it after a few months and it will not hold a charge for the life of it. It takes the whole day just to get to 60 present I even bought a new doc. Still nothing. And if I charge it over night it just shuts down and won't charge at all Idk what to do please help!

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I have the same issue, tried calling Moto support and they were useless. Said I needed the serial number before I could send in and i could retrieve from my “setting az" on the watch. Trouble is watch goes blank too fast so I can't open settings. They basically said then I was S out of luck.

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