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An indoor weather monitoring station with radio controlled time.

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wireless clock/weather station settings - Taylor model 1463

Cannot find owners guide/manual for this 'older' model wireless weather-station.

It gets AM radio signals from Egypt, or Mars, or somewhere.

I need to set it to ARIZONA time zone.

Taylor web site is useless.

Works perfectly. But, I need to change the time-zone.

Pressing #1 displays 'WORLD' next to the time. ???

( When asked about my world, I was stupified ! )

It has 7 buttons:

1 set/zone

2 alarm

3 clear

4 +/bell

5 -

6 mode

7 ch

Using the highly scientific methodology of Poke & Hope , I have learned:

Press and hold #1 - then the hour blinks.

Release #1 and using #4 plus, and #5 minus, will adjust the hour.

Tap #1 - minute blinks. Adjust plus & minus as above.

Tap #1 - year blinks. Same for month & day.

Press #6 mode - switches the indoor and/or outdoor temperature sensors.

Press #7 ch - nothing happens ???

Press #2 alarm - first alarm clock appears.

Press #2 again - second alarm clock appears

Press #3 clear - erases the alarm clock

Any ideas how to change the time zone ?

Anybody ???

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BTW: why is this double-spaced ?


I got it ! Remove the batteries. Wait till tomorrow. It must have one of the storage-capacitor-thing that holds a little voltage for a short time, while you change the batteries. Remember the no-battery "shake&shine" flashlight ? Same thing.

Tomorrow; insert batteries, set the mo/da/yr and hang on wall. E.T. calls home, and home sets everything right.


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Done. See last comment.

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