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How to Stop Unwanted Robocalls and Telemarketers on landline

I understand there is an APP for iOS devices called Robokiller to block computer generated calls but I need something for a landline. I'm getting 10-12 rob calls a day and I need to block those so I don't hang up on actual customers. There are a few boxes listed on Amazon to do this. Does anyone actually have practical experience with using these? I would like to ascertain what the best value method might be.

UPDATE 11/24/19

Time marches by and Congress sits on their tuchus. Both the Senate and the House have passed separate bills to stop it last May, so why the H-ll do I still get 12 to 16 of these a day on my landline. What did both houses stick poison pills in their respective bills?

I know RoboKiller is available for the iPad and iPhone and Androids.

Has anyone actually come up with a bona fide solution yet?

My landline comes in through the internet so there just has to be a way. Using Call Blocking is a farce as the numbers change (I’ve even gotten them from my own phone number). This is very bad for my blood pressure and I find myself using sailor language.

Ugh, if you really want to tick one of these callers off, just ask them if their mother knows what they do for a living.

The Google calls are some of the most pervasive.

UPDATE 11/24/19 PM

Well I figured out why my illustrious overpaid leaders are not going to actually get a bill passed. It’s an election year and the sorry SOBs will be dunning me for money and support of their parties by using RoboCallers. Not to mention the endless calls from pollsters.

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bump - no help on this annoying problem?


Hi @mayer ,

Is this no good where you are?


@jayeff I'm in Texas. The no call registry is of absolutely no teeth. It's worthless. Only law abiding citizens obey it. All these calls come from boiler rooms with Indian accents. They are using caller IDs from local businesses but mainly the ID just identify a city. They are heavily interfering with my life and business. They wake me in the morning before 8:00 AM and don't stop till after 9:00 PM.


Hi @mayer ,

Perhaps you could divert your landline's i/c calls to your Apple mobile phone armed with the Robokiller app that you mentioned, during non business hours.

I don't know what it would do to your landline's phone bill. Over here you would pay for the diverted call, "effectively" from your landline to your mobile phone at mobile call rates if the call was answered unless your landline phone plan offered cut rate calls or even free calls to 'same service provider' mobile phone service.

During business hours perhaps install an answering machine to help 'screen' your calls. You can hear the caller and decide whether to answer or not.

I can appreciate that as a business, it may be difficult to do either.


Sorry, no idea how to help with the issue, but parts of the update were a good laugh source, thanks ;D


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I tried the hardware solutions and they wouldn’t work for me. My telephone is somehow wrapped up with my DSL line. Even though it is hardwired, the hardware solutions won’t work with this setup. My phone is NOT set up as a VOIP line through the internet. It just shares the DSL wiring from my local phone company.

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If your internet connection is a DSL through your phone company, you’re out of luck. I bought the best box I could find and installed it only to learn that it would not work with DSL connections. If you’re only getting 10-12 robocalls a day, consider yourself lucky. My home line gets upwards of 23 calls on certain days. They seem to get to my number on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Fortunately, this is a home line and we just pickup and hangup on numbers we don’t recognize. We’re rural and our little phone company offers NOTHING in the way of call blocking. Our cell service is so weak that we don’t feel confident not having a landline for emergencies and friends. However, our Verizon accounts do have a call blocker that, so far, is almost 100% effective.

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