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Best Adhesive tape for ipads

I have been searching for a decent adhesive which I can use for Ipads. I have about 3 different types but do not seem to be a great alternative and the screens work loose.

Any good tape out there?

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I use the Tesa 61395 Tape after closing the screen i keep pressure on the sides for like 5 mins and screen should not come off.

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Do keep in mind you want to lay the tape in one direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) and then press it down in the same direction with a rubber roller.

At the Un-conference last year we did some experiments and heating the glass afterwards in a press improved adhesion Vs not heating.

So you should wait a good 48 hrs before given the unit back so its had enough time to cure (so the glass doesn't fall off) if you don't heat it and make sure you have some weight on it or in a press!


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I agree with Nicky, the Tesa Tape is great. If you want pre-cut tape, consider the tape from BowlerTech; they use 3M tape but it works really well too.

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Tesa proved to be a great tape for screen repairs but it's not good enough for back (glass) cover repair. It's just doesn't hold up at the back regardless of how clean the surface is. Any better solutions for it?

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