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Repair guides and support for the first generation Town Car, a full-size luxury sedan manufactured by Lincoln.

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My Brakes Don't Give Resistance

My brakes are fine and I just replaced the lines, but the pedal itself doesn't give any resistance. I get it down to the floor before I actually stop. How do I correct this?

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Were the brake lines bled properly after installation? Even a small air bubble in one line will make brake pedal feel spongy.


The above forum may help too.

Best o' luck.

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Yes, the mechanic who sold it did the bleeding


I'm not sure why, but that reads funny.


Yea, it kinda does. I'm gonna try bleeding them again and see if that helps


Well, it's been a while...did you ever get the brakes working proper? Just curious.


When you say lines, what do you mean?

brake hoses?

if so why did you replace them?


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Sounds like your issue is the portioning valve. This valve pushes the correct amount of brake fluid to the brakes, and is what gives your pedal pressure. Had this same issue with my 1999 Ford Taurus, would push the pedal to the floor before any minimal response. I hope this gives some insight to your issue, as I'm no car genius. Good Luck.

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Do you know any way to correct it?


If the valve is bad, it can be a very expensive replacement


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