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iPhone won't charge and keeps restarting, it won't even die.

I'm completely stumped by this.

Last night, I dropped my phone (protected by a case) but my charger broke. I have a spare one that I decided to use but I woke up this morning and it was at the same percentage, 6%. Now it's completely stuck at 2%. The phone keeps restarting every few minutes, if it goes to 1% it'll jump back to 2 after it restarts. It seems I can't let it die at this point which is weird.

I had the battery replaced a couple of weeks ago, so it's brand new. Could it be the charger? But if so, why is it keep restarting?

Many thanks to anyone who can help or give some insight.

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Have you had a look at the pins inside of your iPhone ? They might be damaged, bended, preventing the phone from charging correctly.


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Was the spare charger an Apple original charger or an inexpensive "dollar store" charger? I ask because cheap chargers can damage the charge circuit inside the iPhone.

Now when a phone has charging issues, normally the first thing to try is a new battery, as that is the weakest link. It is possible that the replacement battery is dead. If you can install a known good battery and it does the same thing, then your problem would be logic board related, which would require a micro-soldering repair.

In your situation, I would return to the shop that replaced your battery and have them test it or try another one to help isolate the problem.

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I had this issue, and solved it by plugging into my iMac with iTunes running. Entered recovery mode by pressing the home and wake buttons for 10 seconds, and the phone stopped cycling and started charging. Actually doing an update or recovery is optional, but it’s not a bad idea.

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