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Why won't my EP650 Headsets link via Bluetooth anymore?

My EP650's have suddenly stopped linking by Bluetooth to my iPhone. Their indicator LED's flash red and blue. Headsets are fully charged as confirmed by solid blue light. My other devices are linking perfectly so I don't think it's an iPhone issue. Thanks in advance to anyone who can suggest a solution.

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Do you still have waranty on your headset?

You might be able to get a replacement one, as it seems the headset itself is failing


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Flashing red and blue is a common indicator that the phone forgot pairing information, and it is in pairing mode.

On the iphone, go to Settings --> Bluetooth

If the headphones are listed, click the "i", and select "Forget the device".

Now, while the headphones are flashing red and blue, on the iPhone side, you should see your headphones listed again under "Other Devices".

Simply tap the name of the headphones to pair it again.

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Thanks, SW! Your solution solved the problem... Much appreciated.


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