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Kam im Juni 2012 auf den Markt / Intel Quad-Core i7 Prozessor mit Turbo Boost / bis zu 1GB DDR 5 Video RAM

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MBP fans running well over designed speed.


Recently the fans in my MBP have randomly started spinning up to like 10000rpm, way past what the fan was designed for. Everytime it happened I shut down the computer to avoid damage, and when I turned It back on again it would be fine. It happened again today and this time, it's persistent. On boot camp, the computer runs really hot and this only happens while doing something such as rendering.

Is this a faulty fan, or could this have something to do with the logic board sending way too much power to it (I find that unlikely because it always fixed itself). I already tried an SMC reset, and opened the laptop to confirm it was indeed the fan.

Here's a video of the issue: https://youtu.be/ArGPcoQJkMQ

It's ONLY the right side fan.



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You'll need to get some deeper diagnostics to figure this out. I would start off running the onboard diagnostics to see if something pops up. Press and hod theD key when booting up.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

If that didn't give you a clue give this app a try: TG Pro

Let us know what the error message in diagnostics. If you end up using TG Pro paste a screenshot of the main window (make sure you expand it so all the sensors are visible)

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From my experience- it could be fan bearings. I had similar issue and all time help if I hit fan in the middle - but just for few minutes and after similar “sound”.

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Definitely not fan bearings. Happens instantly.


Not sure if I writed this right:

I had this sound all time - only if I hit fan in the middle, fan was running “normal” but just for few minutes then after I had this sound back.


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Clean out fan grills of fluff and debris.

Check the quality of thermal paste between cpu and gpu on logic board. Replace as neccessary.

Machine runs nice and cool now!

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