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Google Home ist ein sprachgesteuerter Lautsprecher, der die Funktionen des Google Assistant mit sich bringt. Er wurde am 4. Oktober 2017 angekündigt, und ist seit dem 18. Oktober 2017 im Handel.

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Why it's not wireless anymore?

It only powers on if it's plugged in to the charger. It use be a rechargeable device.

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After doing some research I can conclude the following,

According to few forums and google support, the Home Mini does not have a integrated battery and only works using the 5V 1.8A adapter.

None of the Google Home products feature this anyway (Which does make me wonder why you'd think it was rechargeable before)

So basically, sorry but no it does not have a rechargeable battery.

HOWEVER, the Google Home (standart, not mini) has an option to get a "portable battery base", which gives 8 hours of use (Info found here: https://www.cnet.com/news/add-a-portable... )

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The power consumption of the Home Mini (= GHM) is averaging 0.25A at moderate volume (50%).

On a power bank with a sufficiently large housing like Tomo V4 (bought at banggood.com), the GHM can be carried well through the house. The micro USB connector shell must be small enough to fit into the recess on the housing of the GHM. (!)

I have equippet the Tomo V4 with 4 lithium-ion batteries (NCR18650B, 3400mAh). It has powered the GHM at its 2 amp output almost daily for over 4 months. I am using a magnetic charging cable, which can be easily connected during operation of the GHM without mechanically stressing the micro USB socket of the power bank's charging input. The Tomo V4 can't bei charged in parallel, but further unloading is prevented.

Are about 24 hours of "wireless" operation on a power bank with "24 Ah capacity" sufficient?


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