Das iPhone 6 mit dem 4,7 Zoll Display ist die kleinere Version des iPhone 6 Plus und seit dem 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt.

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iPhone 6 no longer turns on.


Just a few days ago my phone turned off randomly. The phone did not drop and was working fine previously. I put it in charge with no sign of life. Magically after an hour it turns on. Then it turns off again. I put it in charge again with very little sign of life. The apple logo comes on but turns off right after. This happened a couple times but it has been a few days now and the iPhone does not turn on. At all.

Just some FYI.

Previous repairs? NON OEM screen and battery. ( My guess its the battery? )

When did I replace those parts? About a couple months ago.

iTunes does not recognize device.

No water damage.

New screen did not help.

I see no damage on the logic board or connectors. ( At least to my eye )

Holding onto the power and home button did not help.

Anything helps!

Thank you in advance.

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Well seeing as you replaced the battery only a few months ago, it's unlikely that the battery is causing the problem (At least it's definently not the problem if it's done by a repair shop, whom always guarantee that it works)

Have you tried inserting it into a pc and see if iTunes can recognize it?

Glad you could confirm that it's not the connectors or the logic board though.


Thanks for the reply!

Battery was replaced by me. Which I have done many times .

The device is not recognized on other PC's either.

Perhaps a chip/component on the logic board needs to be repaired? I just don't know which one would relate to this issue.


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Bad batteries are very common and that is the first thing that should be replaced from a troubleshooting perspective. If the phone was repaired by a shop recently, the logical thing to do here is to bring it back and have them take a look. It may be an unrelated problem but they are better equipped to determine the issue and it may even fall under their warranty.

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Thank you,

Unfortunately I do all my repairs. I will order a new battery and update everyone. Just in case someone else runs into this issue.


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