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Repair information for the 6th generation iPod nano. Released in September of 2010. Model Number: A1366.

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My nano screen is black

After connecting it to an external amp at work (or coincidentally) the nano doesn't respond to power button or usb line and stays off. It hasn't gotten wet. Help? thanks!

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krista lie, try the Apple solution first

Will not turn on or screen remains dark

Connect iPod to power for at least ten minutes to ensure that the battery has enough charge to allow iPod to turn on.

If iPod does not turn on after ten minutes, try resetting the device while it is still connected to power. Reset the iPod by holding down the Sleep/Wake button and the Volume Down button for at least eight seconds or until you see the Apple logo appear.

If the Apple logo appears on the display, connect iPod to a computer and verify that it appears in iTunes and can play music. More information is on here Good Luck and let us know so we can help you further if need should be.

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The power+ down volume fix worked for me! Thank you!


you are welcome


Power and down worked for me too thank you xx


Me too, the apple solute worked for me but after a day the screen went back to what it was before and now the apple solution doesn't work :'c


ابي يشتغل


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