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The 2004-2008 F-150 truck was introduced in January 2003 for the 2004 model year as the redesigned eleventh generation of the F-150 lineup.

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2005 ford f-150 lariat power seat problem

Seats move backwards and forward for a second then stops. It makes a squeal noise before it stops.

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Anybody ever figure out how to fix this. I'm having same problem with binding track (not the motor) on 2004 F150 Lariat. Motor will move seat barely backward, not at all forward. Had same problem a couple of years ago too and bought a used track assembly. That worked till a week or so ago. In the past I tried to take the track assembly apart to try and fix it but could never figure out how to do that.


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same problem and found the gears on each end of the front motor (worm gear or track box gear not sure what it is called but they are malfunctioning. Trying now to clean and grease them . no parts so far i can find available

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