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Der Mac Pro (Anfang 2009) kam im März 2009 auf den Markt. Er führte erstmals die Nehalem Architektur von Intel in die professionelle Apple Desktop Reihe ein, und verfügt über ein leicht neu konzipiertes Inneres, das auch bei den 2010 und 2012 CPU Updates beibehalten wurde.

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Early 2009 MacPro updated to 5,1 Dual monitor text blacked out eratic

Thank you in advance. My early 2009 Mac Pro desktop has two monitors.

The text blocks are erratically blacked out (redacted). It happens primarily in the finder window and on occasion when using chrome. It does not happen in Photoshop CC, Word, Excel or other programs that I am aware of. The attachment in the link shows an extreme case of the problem. There is no problem when I disconnect one of the monitors. The problems continues with different graphics cards. The cpu tray has been replaced. Sometimes only 1 word of text such as a folder name is blacked out. At other times an entire line is blacked out. There are times when all text in the finder window is blacked out. I do not remember ever seeing the icons blacked out.


Mac Pro (Early 2009)

2 x 3.33 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon

Memory 32 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

SSD 500 GB Crucial-CT512MX100

AMD Radeon HD 7970 3072 MB

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Hi Paul,

Some quick questions for you. What ports are on this card? I assume there is more than one type and if so is there any change if you use a different connector type or cable? You mentioned you used different GPUs, were they different models or other 7970s?

What OS version do you happen to be running on this machine? It may also be worth trying each monitor separately if you haven't already. Do they both work fine when connected individually? Also, with a monitor that works, does it work on both ports you are using? So if you swap one monitor over to the other port do any problems arise?

This is a very unusual issue, have you tried running something like Cinebench and seeing how that does, or some sort of GPU stressing application. It could even be corruption in the OS, struggling with the dual monitor setup for some reason. It may also be worth swapping which monitor is the primary monitor, see if there is any change.

Apologies if I made any slip ups, I'm new to these forums but I'm hoping to help some people with diagnostics if I can.

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