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The Sony VAIO VPCF132FXB is a mid-grade laptop designed for multimedia and personal entertainment use. It features an Intel Core i7 processor (1.73GHz) and an integrated NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPU (512MB onboard memory).

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VAIO laptop doesn't work after expose to water, How can I fix it?

A little amount of water was poured over my laptop (VAIO VPCEA2FFX/B) during a night, which was place near a flatiron. At the morning I was not aware about the presence of water in it and I turned it on and suddenly saw the water around the laptop and immediately press its power button to turn it off. I opened the back of it, spill out waters and then dried carefully it with hair dryer. After that I turned it on to see if it worked. By pressing the power button(with battery only) the power button light lights up and turns off after a second, but the laptop itself does not turn on. with the battery + charging, similarly only power button light lights up then turns off repeatedly and the red LED on the charge status flashes also quickly. please help me what should I do to solve this problem! thanks alot

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It is not recommended to use a hairdryer to dry water damaged boards and even less so to turn it on that soon after water exposure. Try and let the laptop dry naturally for at least three days(remove the battery during this time).If this doesn’t work I recommend to take your laptop to a local repair shop.

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Thanks Sam for your answer, It's been a week since it's been damaged, but it's not work yet. I thought the power button may be damaged because most of exposure to water was around power button! however I hope to find new answer or recommendations.


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