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Confused ... Passcode or ICloud Lock?

Hi, I'm just wondering if this iphone is passcode locked Or ICloud Locked?

I plan on buying this today or tomorrrow and need your help. If this is passcode locked I plan on restoring it, that should work right? But if its icloud locked then that would suck lol.

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It is definitely locked with a passcode. Someone has tried to get into the device and has tried too many passwords. That kind of tells you the phone was lost or stolen. There's a high probability that the phone is also iCloud locked. Even if you reset the device, you will not circumvent the iCloud lock on it.

Ask the seller to reset it to prove if it is iCloud locked or not. Their willingness (or not) to help out will give you a pretty good indication of how trustworthy they are.

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You will need them to restore the device in iTunes, then when setting up the device it will prompt for the iCloud details or it won't let you set it up.

If they aren't willing to do this then walk away, also don't settle for an imei number check only that's found on the sim tray as this could come from a non blocked phone.

If they do restore it through iTunes and there is no iCloud when setting it up, be sure to insert a SIM card and ring out on the phone, this will ensure it's not been network blocked.

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I would agree with both @refectio and @bobcat1981 solutions.

If you really do plan to purchase this phone. Go to the seller, and make sure BEFORE you buy the phone, that you can have him passcode unlock the phone AND remove the iCloud locks.

If the seller cannot passcode unlock the phone, RESTORE from DFU mode BEFORE purchasing the phone. This will definitely trigger the iCloud lock. If the seller then cannot get past this iCloud lock, forget about purchasing the phone. This phone must be passcode unlocked AND iCloud Unlocked before purchase or else you will have an expensive brick on your hands.

Make sure he signs out of iCloud, email and other accounts, and Apple ID (under iTunes & App Store).

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Honestly there are pent but tons of sketchy people that would will do it. Honestly I’d call apple explain the situation what’s the worst that happens you get your

Money back


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You CANNOT see iCloud lock without restoring the phone or checking the device SN in Apple database, don’t risk it.

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