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A 4-cycle straight shaft string trimmer manufactured by Troy-Bilt. This model is identified by TB675 EC.

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detaile parts for starting the tb6753c

from the pull rope, pawls and electric starter shaft what pats do I need?

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@troybilt any chance this is a TB675EC


it is a tb675ec and i have th troy bilt jump start with it-all troy bilt accessories. i took it to a shop whose claimed they fix tB's but after $ 85 replacing the pawls- they broke again after me at age 70 pulling tenor twelve time trying to start it I wont take it back a third time. so ill fix it myself if i can learn all the parts i need from and including the jump start shaft all the way out to the pull rope


apologize, new here, I trued to award points but messed ip/ your answer was not complete for me.


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@troybilt not quite sure what you are looking for. The whole starter housing assembly manufacturer part number 753-08110 is available for around $15 USD. Check at places like this for the part

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Update (05/03/2018)

@troybilt no worries about any points or stuff like that. Let's worry about getting your trimmer back on the road. Is there any chance you can post some good pictures of exactly what you are looking for? That way we can see what you see. Use this guide Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen for that

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help me further/ If you held the tb675ec looking through the jump start hole you will see the insert cable end where the jump starter engages with the cable or shaft - it appears stripped, but i am not sure due to my eye sight. however my troy bilt jump start does not feel engaged, and sound like it might be stripped. also because I just had a repair shop fix the pawls for $ 85.00 and i pulled it ten time or so trying to start it - the pawls again failed. i need to buy all the parts so i can fix it myself from the housing pull rope to the and including that jump start cable. please. advise parts needed. i am 70 years old and cant pull that rope hard enough to hurt the pawls so i figure the shop use cheapo parts!


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