Epson PowerLite 2040 power plug recepticle does not work

There was not an option for the Epson Powerlite 2040 so I had to pick the TW1000, but my projector is not that one. When I plug in my projector the standby light does not turn on. Nothing turns on. I have tried unplugging and plugging it back in. I used several different plugs that work elsewhere, but not on the projector. How hard is it to replace the male plug receptacle or could the problem be something else?

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I don't think it is the plug I think you have a power board or power related circuitry issue. Is the receptacle loose? Replacing the receptacle is going to be too difficult 1 - 10 I'd give it a 4.


you need to open up the project and check at the DC output of the power supply with a multimeter.


Thanks I'll give those ideas a try.


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