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Das März 2015 Update bringt jetzt die fünfte Generation der Intel Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren in das Apple 13" MacBook Air, dadurch wird die Leistung und die Akkulaufzeit etwas verbessert.

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Do it yourself TarDisk?

A few years ago, I added a 256 MicroSD card with an eBay adapter to my MBA SD port and I wasn't impressed. It was incredibly slow and I was constantly getting the beach ball. Now I'm hearing about these TarDisks and I'm wondering how much of it marketing hype.

Even at UHS‑I speeds, $400 for a 256GB SD card, is highway robbery. Is there a do it yourself solution that's comparable to TarDisk? The software just joins two partitions together, right?

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If you are just looking for storage the Tar Disk is not for you. Get a 200GB SD card like this for $40.00

Card technology had improved performance dramatically.


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@mayer has more experience with TarDisk drives. Maybe he has some words of wisdom here.

I'm afraid I'm a bit of a stick suck in the mud ;-}

I was never impressed with these adapters to replace the custom Apple SSD's. We did some tests a few years ago to see how good they where. We found many drives had a very high count of CRC errors. Which overtime would wear out the drive prematurely and could lead to data loss.

I would stick with either Transcend or OWC replacement drives or just find a used Apple drive. Sorry to say they are a more costly solution.

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Are you just using it for storage or are you wanting to set up a fusion drive?


Storage. 12 characters


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