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poblem with focus on lens, need service manual!

Hi guys, i'm going crazy for found a service repair manual of my Panasonic Lumix DMC FX12 ç_ç i need it to repair and solve a problem of focus and lens parts! i've repair all problems that it had, like no zoom, trouble with some keys, now all work fine but the image is not in focus, maybe i've made a little mistake whith the reassemble of lens parts! sorry for my english, i'm italian! thanks to all!!!

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umh, someone know one website where i can buy a new lens parts for my photocamera? thanks!!!


If focus is not right, try putting flex cables in connectors again. Had this happen to me... Saved money!


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Ken784 the manual is now available for your download on my file server right here As for the part that you need, ebay may be the best choice or a general google search might help since it depends heavy on where you are located.

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+ I looked for it my normal service manual forums and didn't find it in them. Gave a couple quick Google searches and couldn't find it for free. But I do have this cool Babel Fish plugin for my browser that let me copy your answer and give it to him in Itialian. <:oP_______________________________________________

Ken784 il manuale ora è disponibile per il vostro trasferimento dal sistema centrale verso i satelliti sul mio file server a destra qui per quanto riguarda la parte di che avete bisogno, ebay può essere la migliore scelta o una ricerca del General google potrebbe aiutare poiché dipende pesante da dove siete individuato.


I have the systran translation software but I do not use it often since it hangs whenever I need to fill out form, especially searching in the former eastblock ;-) I appreciate you translating for me...Thanks.


thanks a lot!!!! maybe the lens unit is damage, do you know a site where i can buy a new lens unit? thanks!


You are welcome and I will check to see if I can find a lens for that camera. The lens in that camera is LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT may be that will help in locating. I shall let you know :-)


just in case... finding the flex for camera's is tricky, I managed to find a camera in the same series as the one i wanted to fix.. all I had to do was swap the ccd. It did cost £17 from hongkong but so much cheaper than an entire camera.


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