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Rockchip Quad-Core RK3288C Processor, 11.6" 16:9 HD (1366x768), 16GB eMMC, Integrated Rockchip® Mali T764, LPDDR3 MHz SDRAM, OnBoard Memory 2 GB / 4 GB

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certain keys wont respond

Letters and numbers such as (8, i, k,) wont apear on the screen when I press on them , what do i do ?

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Hi Salma Repole

Try following this step below to dismantle your keyboard

Asus Chromebook C201 Keyboard Replacement

there is a lvds cable which is connected to the mainboard. Disconnect it carefully and clean up your keyboard.

Block Image

Use an eraser to rub on the LVDS cable connector of the keyboard module and reconnect it back.

Test your keyboard, one good link to test and spam the keys...


Launch It and test...

If all fails, consider getting a replacement keyboard module from ebay.


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Here are some possible fix -

  1. Update Windows
  2. Update Keyboard Drivers
  3. Install/Uninstall the keyboard drivers
  4. Plug and unplug the keyboard
  5. Try keyboardtester.org

Hope these steps will help you to make your keyboard working properly.

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