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Repair guides and support for the eighth generation of Ford F-Series trucks: the F-150, F-250, F-350, and F-Super Duty.

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1989 F150 "Special Edition" 4 high, 4 low + overdrive + 4 wheel drive

I have not been able to find parts specific to this truck. I need a special negative cable that has two extra lines off of the battery cable head. Also need a repair manual for this truck. It's also fuel injected.

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you can get a repair manual here and as for parts the fords dealer can provide all the parts yet for that truck.If you want aftermarket I like Rock auto for online shopping or my local APS . But if your in need of grounding something then just get a new battery terminal and start adding ends . Make your own grounds . As long as the cables are attached securely to the ground it doesnt matter how . (Unless your doing a show truck thats all original ) Hope this helps

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