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Modell von 2011, A1278 / 2,3 GHz i5 oder 2,7 GHz i7 Prozessor

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Water Damaged MacBook not Charging?

Hi All,

Im going in for my second Question about my first Mac- a Macbook Pro early 2011. Thanks again to everybody that helped me find my replacement-now I am going back to fix the original water damage.

So here's the story;

I left my Mac on my desk next to my plants that I just watered. I unfortunately over-watered them and the water leaked under the mac while it was on sleep. It got underneath the computer and also got on my frayed charger. I came home after a few days to discover the water and immediately shut it off. Following this I discovered that fortunately my computer was still turning on and running fine but that the battery was no longer charging.

The Problems:

The Battery is getting lower and lower and when plugged in it says the following by the battery icon: "Battery Condition: Normal, Power Source: Adapter, Battery Not Charging". When plugged in I get a faint green light on the adapter.

The Things I have tried:

- Resetting the SMC

- Replacing the Battery

- Replacing the Charger

I was told by an authorized repair service advisor that If I remove the battery and then try plugging in/ operating the Mac with only the adapter then I could also rule out any problems with the MagSafe DC- in Board if it could operate fine. I tried this however, and it would not turn on.

My Question:

Given what that diagnostic showed me, is it possible that replacing the MagSafe DC- in Board could fix the problem? or from your infinite experience does this sound like a logic board problem? More generally, how can I fix this?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys have to offer!

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Magsafe boards are the first guard against logic board damages..a faint green light usually means the system is not getting the correct voltages through the first stage to the charging Ic, but other components might be involved too. It might as well be due to the magsafe board..I wouldn't count on that but since it's an inexpensive and easy to replace part I would certainly give it a try. If that doesn't give you a brilliant green light you'll have to troubleshoot further, but charging and power IC and related components are a fairly complex bunch. You'll need tools, schematics, boardview and skills in electronics to start with.

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Read this previous topic on iFixit Battery Is Not Charging

And thats repair video. I assume you dont have micro soldering skills but it should explain possible issues with it https://youtu.be/i_ziYgCRd0s

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