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This laptop was released in September of 2010, Identified by model number Inspiron N5030 or Inspiron 15. It is an all black laptop with a DELL logo in the center of the top cover, a mouse pad with separated left and right key buttons, and a disc drive on the right hand side of the computer.

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The computer will just not boot


The computer will just not boot.

Tried loads of trouble shooting with some stuff found on line.

Set to boot from external USB, but it does not seem to "pick it up" and just sits there.

Could be it that the version of the Windows for booting on the USB must be a "bootable"version?

Thanks if anyone has any ideas-


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If i remember correctly it must be bootable version. If it's not bootable it will be behaving like any installer (which you must be already booted). I recommende you get a bootable windows and check connections of your ports with motherboard (if it's soldered) if it's still not detected.


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You'll need a USB that's correctly formatted, and has a bootable version of the desired operating system.

Most importantly, you'll need to ensure that your BIOs are set to boot from a USB drive.

(If you're running off a solid state drive, with Windows 10 in particular, it can be tricky to get to the BIOs menu -- fortunately, that shouldn't be an issue with the system you're using, unless an SSD was installed afterwards)

You can also diagnose certain issues and troubleshoot by using a bootable toolkit, in order to see if there's damage to the hard-drive or file system.

However, if you never see any text display on the screen during boot-up, then it's likely to have much more extensive issues than just the operating system, or hard-drive.

Best of luck.

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