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A1708 / EMC 2978 - Dieses MacBook wurde Oktober 2016 als Einsteigermodell seiner Klasse eingeführt. Es kommt mit den klassischen Funktionstasten, sowie zwei Thunderbolt 3 Anschlüssen und einem Intel Core i5 Prozessor.

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Spacebar broken and possible solutions?


To get to the point, essentially the spacebar on my late 2016 MacBook Pro went stiff and came off when I tried to fix it, attached is a photo of the key for context and I’m just wondering what exact solutions are there and is this fixable by just buying a new key or must the entire keyboard be replaced.

Block Image


If you’re wondering I was able to remove the butterfly mechanism from the key but it will not stay in the socket for the key.

Thanks for your time

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Your only hope here is to bring it to an Apple Store or ship it to Apple.

You want them to replace it as then you'll be able to hopefully get it covered under an extended warranty program which is likely to happen in the near future (cost rebated).

Sadly, the complete keyboard needs to be replaced.

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My 2017 Macbook Pro space bar quit working. I read on this site that maybe it just need cleaning. So I tried that. When I tried to put the plastic cover back on it wouldn’t click into place. Ended up putting a little piece of sticky paper over the dot that is the sensor and scotch taped the plastic cover back on. Worked fine.

Went to Mac store today and had one of those experiences that make me consider switching back to a pc.

They said that the whole key board and top and battery would have to be replaced. But since I broke the par , it wasn’t covered under warranty or Applecare. I pointed out that it was already broken and that’s why I tried to clean it. Didn’t matter. So beware of any home attempts to fix.

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Go back to the Apple Store! There is a extended warranty program for keyboard issues Keyboard Service Program for MacBook and MacBook Pro. They have been fixing even broken keys like yours. Tell them it came off. You may need to push up the food chain be polite but firm.


I have just go this exact same problem, have you been back to the apple store since and what is the likelihood they will replace it for me free of charge on the 2017 MacBook Pro since they opened up a replacement programme. What else can I say to them to increase my chances.




I've gone a few times with customers gear haven't had any problems!

Apple is on the hook as long as you didn't damage anything with your own attempt to repair. Here's the program! Keyboard Service Program for MacBook and MacBook Pro

The space bar is a common issue falling off!


I have attempted to repair it and some pins are broken will I still get a free repair or will I have to get someone to repair it for £265


My space key is just like the one in the picture above


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