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HD action camera with touchscreen LCD, released October 5, 2014.

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Image sensor replacement fixed freezing but now back Lcd won't work!

My Gopro Hero 4 was freezing after about 10-15 seconds and wouldn't show anything but a black image on the LCD. ( I could go through settings and everything just had black image. So I replaced the image sensor and it quite freezing and takes video if I use front screen, but the back LCD appears to be receiving no power because it won't even light up now. Does anyone have any ideas of the possible problem? I checked the 3 power supply ribbons and they seem to be in place.

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Was your LCD display working before the sensor replacement? I would double check to make sure the cables connecting the display to the control board are not damaged and the connector tabs are pressed down. If anything, try leaving the camera partially disassembled and wiggle the LCD cable lightly. See if the display does anything. Good luck!

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Yes it did work before but thanks i will try that!


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