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The LG G Pad X 8.3, model number VK815, is a tablet that was released May of 2015, equipped with an 8.3 in. screen and 16 GB of internal storage. This device is not currently being manufactured.

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Why won't my tablet hold a charge?

The battery drains too fast.

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There could be a variety of causes for this. The easiest may be that your tablet isn't getting plugged in correctly or long enough or the charging cable has failed. Trickier would be the battery failing, but if you've had the tablet a while or just have extra bad luck, it's not out of the question. Luckily we have a battery replacement guide coming soon. I will circle around and update with a link as soon as the guide is public. In the meantime, try looking at our troubleshooting page here and see if any of the simpler issues might be your cause first. Good luck figuring out your power problems!

EDIT: Here is the battery replacement guide I mentioned.

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