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The LG G Pad X 8.3, model number VK815, is a tablet that was released May of 2015, equipped with an 8.3 in. screen and 16 GB of internal storage. This device is not currently being manufactured.

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Why won't my speaker volume turn up or make sound?

When I click to the volume buttons they only work to turn the volume up occasionally. Most of the time the speaker just doesn't produce any sound.

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Speakers issues can come from a range of causes, from the mundane (it's on mute either overall or in a specific app - happens to the best of us at some time) to the more tricky (speaker component failure). To pinpoint what is going on with your speakers and see some possible solutions, try looking at our troubleshooting page here. Tablet speakers are never as good as an actual sound system so you have to be realistic if the performance is just not impressive, but they can also fail sometimes, which would require replacement. Luckily we have a speaker replacement guide right here. Good luck with your speakers!

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