Having difficulty reinserting I/O flat cable back into the ZIP socket

Having replaced the microUSB Socket on the I/O board in HP SLATE 7 EXTREME TABLET. I am having difficulty reinserting the FFC Ribbon cable into the ZIF CONNECTOR on the motherboard. I have lifted the front locking bar and tried inserting the ribbon cable.

I cannot fully insert it up to the white line on the ribbon, that I assume is supposed to show that the cable has been correctly & fully positioned inside the ZIF Female socket. Which I assume, has an internal slot to align and position the cable to be fully inserted, before the locking bar can be closed. To make the best connection between the cable and socket gold plated pins inside the ZIF PCB socket.

My flexible cable has 2 folds "to represent a Z shape" bent at the each of the 2 white lines across the cable, which show where to bend the cable. (ie there are 3 white lines). Closer white line is for correct insertion depth, while the other 2 white lines are provided for bending or flexing points. Space is limited, cable is a little long.

With the difference in heights, the ribbon cable is glued to the earthing or shielding braid and attached to display back, to the higher PCB ZIF Socket. Adds difficulty to the alignment.

The photos provided in the guides, give an accurate picture of what the assembly, should look like, when finished. Therefore achieve the best connnection possible.

I have done some research on the best method to reinsert FFC Cable into ZIF sockets, using electrical or sticky tape folded over on itself, leaving some of the tape to adhere to the ribbon as tab, to help in guiding the cable straight into the socket, giving better purchase to grip this small cable into a small gap in the ZIP Entry point.

My cable is bending slightly up into a slight curl, making it difficult to align both for easy insertion. Any ideas would be very helpful. All videos, I have viewed make it look easy, when you are not in such a tight location or longer cable.

Thanks for your help, if someone relies. Cheers Bob

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