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Can't focus to close objects


I have iPhone 7 32GB. After a while of using it, I find out that my camera glass is not okay. First I thought it's just scratch, but when I put it under a good light, it's visible that it's broken to two pieces (on the photo is visible only the thick scratch, but on good angle and light it's visible that it's broken to two parts).

Block Image

I tried manual focusing, but from the beginning it's absolutely not focusing.

What to do? Remove camera glass?

Huawei P9 Lite doesn't have any problems with focusing it

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Hello gamelaster,

This is a relatively easy fix. Because the lens seems to be cracked, it is causing focus issues because it cannot focus as it is like having a barrier blocking it from doing so. You will need to replace the glass. Luckily, this is very easy and I am including a video tutorial for you to follow if you want to try it yourself. I will also provide a link with the part needed. Just and FYI, if you do attempt to fix it, I do not take any responsibility if you damage or break your phone in the process. But best of luck!

Hope this helps!



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I would encourage ay first time DIY fixer to remove the camera first, it is simple to do and will avoid the possibility of damaging the camera while you scrape away the glass with an exacto (yikes!).


Hello guys, thank you for replies. I will try it, and if I success, I will mark it as answer. Thank you for now!


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