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Larger version of the Nintendo DSi, released March 2010 in North America. Most repairs are accomplished with only a screwdriver and prying tools.

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DSi XL wont turn on

I replaced the upper screen and put everything back together and turned it on and the blue light got bright and then it turned off. When it turned off right away I could tell that both screens flickered. I went back through and made sure I connected everything. The only thing that didnt go back together as well but still is touching is the copper sticky strip that is part of the upper screen and sticks to the metal plate that goes over the microphone doesnt stick as well. I even plugged it in and tried to turn on making sure it wasnt the battery.

Any ideas???

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I have the same problem any help would be handy


Hi Mike i have a question. Did you solved your charging problem? Becuase i check both fuse and they are ok.

But i still have the problem.

Thanks for your time.


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Mike if your DSi XL worked, besides the bad upper screen, prior to you replacing the screen then one of your cables is either not seated properly or was broken internally during the repair. If it is a problem with a cable not being seated properly the chances are it is a ribbon cable going to one of the screens is sitting slightly of kilter, not in far enough or the flap on the socket is not sitting flat and even. Those flaps like to bow in the center sometimes. Please disassemble and put it back together again double checking all connections. Use a magnifying glass to be sure the cables are in their sockets even and square to the socket. If during your repair you compromised one of the cables it is more than likely the one to your new LCD that goes through the hinge. If such is the case you will need to replace it we have then here. Here is a guide for installing the upper LCD.

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sounds like the upper lcd ribbon was torn during installation. if you're lucky, it's simply not inserted to the PCB connector properly. but since you already rechecked the connection, it's probably the former. good luck.

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