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Black spot on my lcd screen

I changed the batteries for my Sanyo vpc-s120 digital camera today. I turned my camera on to see a black spot a size of a dime on my lcd screen. This is the second time I have used my camera and I dont understand where this spot came from. Is this repairable or what? Please help me because I do have family functions coming up soon and I would like to be able to capture some special moments. Thank you in advance for your help.


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I have the same problem. How do I replace the screen.


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The black spot on the LCD most likely was caused by something pressing on it just a little too hard. The spot may or may not go away. We have seen this quite a bit on cameras and LCD monitors. It is usually caused by finger pressure. It's just enough pressure to displace the liquid, but not enough to crack the screen. The camera should still be useable for the short term, but if the spot does not go away, or gets bigger, then a new screen it is.

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The screen can be replaced and there are many sources on the internet to purchase a replacement. Just search on VPC-s120 replacement LCD screen. I think it is also an inherent problem with the part that is being used in this camera because one of the replacement parts I received came in with the same exact black blob in the same location (left hand edge sort of centered) and size as the screen i was wanting to replace in my camera.

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how could i order a new lcd screen for my sanyo digital camera vpc-s120


Edith Cruz, not sure why you are posting this as a comment to a 31/2year old answer. The lcd is available at ebay, amazon and multiple other sources.


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