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Device repair and information for the Dell Inspiron 14 line of computers.

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Why my Laptop doesn't respond to charger?

My charger has a indicator that it is working but the time i plug it in my laptop the light turn off and doesn't charge.

Update (05/21/2018)

Thanks for te respond @oldturkey03 my laptop was DELL INSPIRON 14 3000 series

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@kiehlashleigh this could be a bad AC adapter, a bad connector, a bad battery or a board level failure. 'd start with measuring the output of the charger and see if that is supplying the right voltage. If so, I'd check the DC-in connector to make sure it is still properly connected etc,. If you can give us the exact model number of your computer, I am sure we can find more information that might be helpful to resolve your issues.

Update (05/21/2018)

@kiehlashleigh you can download the service manual for your computer from here. It will help you with getting to the DC in port etc.

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