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Modell A1136 mit 30, 60, oder 80 GB Festplatte / Front aus schwarzem oder weißem Kunststoff.

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1. Which generation a thin-80GB classic iPod be? 5 or 5.5?

Unfortunately, i rendered the device (classic 80 GB with metal front frame) useless because I messed up in opening it to replace the battery (sad crying face).

Can I salvage the parts to build a new one from ground up? The logic board does not seem to be damaged.

If I buy the housing/frame etc for a 30 GB 5th generation iPod, will I be able to use it?


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1 Antwort

It’s sad that you messed up the ipod video

There’s no thin version ipod video both 60gb and 80gb are thick ones

If it’s a metal front you are talking about Ipod Classic 6th gen/7th gen. You can get entire housing and the battery from aliexpress/ebay

Just search the serial number/model number online to get the right model details

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