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Battery Replacement Charging Intermittently

I just finished the battery replacement kit for the MacBook Air 11" 2010. Worked perfectly, and the battery is able to power the computer without a power supply. But when I plug the Air into the power supply, the battery reads "Not Charging." After a few minutes, this issue clears and reads as charging, but then after a minute more, it goes back to not charging. I discharged the battery to 30%, charged ok after that until it got to around 73% and the issue presented itself again. Power supply indicator light is just as patchy. Battery reads as normal, but the charging is very patchy. Any ideas? I already reset the SMC (several times) but to no avail. Also the battery reads "1 Complete Cycle" which makes sense as it's a brand new battery. And according to coconut battery, when its charging, the charging wattage reads .4 watts, nothing compared to the so-called 45 watt power supply meant for the Air (and I tried two different power supplies already). If there is a setting that makes the Air stop charging at full speed to reach what it thinks is the full capacity, can I turn it off? (I noticed that the replacement battery had more charge than stock.) Please help! I really want to keep this Mac alive.

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There could be many factors on determining what is wrong with your device. The two main concerns is that the battery isn't that effective or the motherboard and the charging port was disrupted and something shorted it. I think the only thing you could do without knowing what to do is to replace the whole computer, since the battery was replaced and still not working, and motherboard replacement could be expensive. Replacing the laptop means that at least you know you could get a new laptop without any issues.

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