Samsung Note 5 Motherboard Assistance

I hope I can get some tips for this. I'm not very versatile on boards yet but I guess this will be some good practice.

I received a phone that was dropped and landed flat on the screen. Surprisingly no cracks on the glass portion, but most likely the LCD is internally damaged. I tested the charging just to see if the unit will still charge. The unit gets warm but does not display the Red LED light to show it's charging. I disassembled the phone, no sign of corrosion, reconnected the cables, tested again, and the unit started to charge (Red Light Turned on).

I attempted to turn it on just to see if I can hear the sounds from the loading screen, but no sound and the Light stayed Blue, no blinking/flashing, just a steady blue light. The unit did not get hot, nor did it allow me to soft reset, I disconnected the battery to shut it off and reconnected it after a few mins. Since then it would not charge, no red light.

Side Notes:

  • Currently waiting for a new LCD to come in to replace the one that fell on it's face.
  • I found out it may not make noise due to the owner having a habit of completely silencing the phone.

What are the chances that this may be board related and what would be the best way to go about this once the new LCD comes in?

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