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Possible to swap camera glass housing (on exterior of iPhone 8)?

I cracked the camera glass (housing) on the back of the phone. Is it possible to open the phone and replace without having to swap the entire back of the phone?

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Just wanted to add this: I think the comment below is probably correct in terms of being safe and not messing up your phone but another user pointed me towards this possible solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUJ4Fv0f...

The iPhone 7 lens housing IS interchangeable with the 8

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Hello sunsetblow,

Sadly, you cannot just replace the camera glass on the back of your iPhone 8. Upon doing some research, it is not like the iPhone 7 where you can just pick it out, then put it in a new one, but the lens is attached the to entire glass frame meaning you would have to replace the entire back. Not only is this a very, very difficult repair, but it will get rid of its water resistance and possibly ruin your wireless charging capabilities if not done with extra caution. As much as I am into fixing phones, I would not recommend you do this repair yourself, but to take it to Apple or a repair shop you trust and have it fixed. Apple will charge you a lot, but it will guarantee and good repair and keep its water resistance. A 3rd part repair shop will not keep its water resistance, but maybe slightly cheaper.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much for the detailed response, I feared this was the answer


Hope you can get it fixed! Best of luck!


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