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Das Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ist ein Smartphone, das im Oktober 2014 heraus kam. Die Modellnummer des Galaxy Note 4 ist bei der amerikanischen Variante eine der folgenden: SM-N910, SM-N910A, SM-N910T, SM-N910V, oder SM-N910R4.

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screen lifting after replacement

Hi all,

this question is not only for note 4 but a lot of other brand phones too.

when i replace the screen, i also get adhesive sticker.

now the problem is, after i replace them, the corner of screen is always lifting, it doesn't stay stuck to the bezel.

is it because i am buying $@$*!& adhesive or am i doing something wrong?

i clean the bezel with alcohol before sticking the screen.

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Thanks for the input you legends!

Will give that a go :)



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Try adding some axtra pressure to the screen so the tape can really stick to it, if that does not work, try adding a little bit of B-7000 and add pressure to the screen.

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Some precut adshesive already adhered to some screens is not that great. Not all tape and adhesive are equally good for sure. Ensure frame is clean as possible. Using heat before clamping can help. Heat will help create a stronger bond. I use about 270C along a side with a hot air rework station to the point where it's too hot to touch then clamp. Continue this along the perimeter of the device. If the frame is deformed, it can cause lifting and need replaced. Some techs use a tiny drop of glue at the corners.

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