Samsung s6 bootloop how can I flash it without odin

Hi having issues with my phone for some time

I can boot into download mode.

I believe that’s as far as I get . As when I turn it it directly to a blue screen with something connecting it to smart switch, but that software don’t support s6.

Any 1 have any ideas?

I tried odin kept stopping near the very end of the process.

Any help or solution would be brilliant thanks.

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Try an older version of ODIN. Don't use the latest version, as that is for the new phones.


Is it failing to flash hidden.img which is one of the last files in Samsung firmware?


Hi @benjamen50 yes it is stopping right at the end on the hidden file. It is really doing my but in? Any ideas fella?


Basically you need to flash without hidden.img.

Guide here:

It's a stupid error that I get all the time. I think it happens most of the time when you flash different region firmware on S6 and older.


@benjamen50 I’ll give that a go and let you know how I get on thanks


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