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Released in October 2003, the iBook G4 replaced the iBook G3 as Apple's portable consumer computer. The iBook G4 was sold in 12" and 14" models and updated for the last time in 2005.

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Can u rewire Lcd screen to run rca cables?

I was wondering if it was possible to take apart my broken iBook and and wire the LCD screen by it self to run with RCA cables(ps2 output cables)and have the LCD run on its own separate power source.

Block Image

iBook LCD screen that I want to use.

Block Image

The cables I want to be able to plug in to the LCD screen.

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you want to run the LCD screen as a separate and independent monitor?


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You also need to remember that the RCA output is an analogue display technology and laptop LCD's are. There is no relation between the RCA output and the LCD they are two totally different things and LCD's only accept a correct digital input. If I researched this porperly a while back (had the same idea) the standard for this input for most LCD's is presently - Low voltage differential signaling (LVDS). In fact that thin "paper ribbon cable" on the back of your LCD is referred to as a LVDS cable.The other cable going into the back of your laptop LCD is the backlight power.The cable varies between model and normally this cable is fed from an LCD inverter. That means that the LCD backlight normally takes AC power instead of DC and it needs lots of it. Input power to the inverter is in the range of 5v - 12v. You need to do Google your LCD model number and get the exact specs for your LCD. Once you have the specs you MIGHT find a manufacturer for an appropriate board that allows you to utilize your LCD in that particular manner. You can check on here http://www.digitalview.com/products/lcd-... and see if they have something that might help you. But then you are still looking for a LCD controller and power supply etc. So just like Brian mentioned, probably not the best economical project but most certainly a great project. Here is some great info that will help you out further http://www.mp3car.com/the-faq-emporium/5... . Good Luck to you and your project.

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short answer as I understand your questions would be no.........

the ribbon cable that carries information to your LCD is digital and there is no easy way to figure out which each tiny connector inside that ribbon cable does...... and then try and make some kind of converter to analog signal and then....... (RGA) they do sell these kind of things sometimes depending on the model display but are expensive and end up not being cost effective unless your re-purposing a large scale of screens for a security system or something.

then you need power....... DC current at the input side of the inverter for the display. So you would need to buy or make a DC generator,

i have variable output type that was built about 30 yrs ago, to test any kind of DC equipment, it's quite large but only because its power output if needed is significant....more then enough to power headlights of a car.

A standard desktop LCD type of display might work with some type of VGA ---> RGA connector, i haven't done anything like that in about 10yrs thou so not sure........ also not sure it would look good.

Yrs ago these types of mods were more common, people are still doing them for special purpose stuff..........today, with a used TV or LCD off craigslist for $20-50 it's not cost effective anymore. (your time, parts etc).

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Sorry Brian, did not mean to jump into your answer and you are absolutely correct with your answer. Just wanted to add to that.


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Perhaps going to the Laptop's LVDS cable to convert it to a composite Analog format is the wrong way around this.

Does your Laptop have a VGA or DVI port (or other video output port)? If you do you can connect this output to an adapter.

If not, consider a external peripheral that allows for RCA composite video out or could be adapted to RCA video out.

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Lukas, it still requires a power board and a video board to control the panel. Check the pinout for the panel itself, your regular VGA and even DVI would require using a driver.

1 Vcc Power Supply +3.3 V -

2 Vcc Power Supply +3.3 V -

3 Vss Ground -

4 Vss Ground -

5 Rxin0- LVDS Differential Data Input Negative

6 Rxin0+ LVDS Differential Data Input Positive R0~R5,G0

7 Vss Ground -

8 Rxin1- LVDS Differential Data Input Negative

9 Rxin1+ LVDS Differential Data Input Positive G1~G5,B0,B1

10 Vss Ground -

11 Rxin2- LVDS Differential Data Input Negative

12 Rxin2+ LVDS Differential Data Input Positive B2~B5,DE,Hsync,Vsync

13 Vss Ground -

14 CLK- LVDS Clock Data Input Negative

15 CLK+ LVDS Clock Data Input Positive LVDS Level

16 Vss Ground -

17 NC Non-Connection -

18 NC Non-Connection -

19 Vss Ground -

20 Vss Ground -

Note (1) Connector Part No.: JAE-FI-XB20S-HF10


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Universal lcd controller come with power supply tuner board and remote for ~$20-$30

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