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Replacing V-belt on lawntractor

Used a cheap belt from hardware store for light duty and it heated up and broke. Something tells me I have to use a belt designed for tractor. Right ?

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After further inspection I noticed the blades on my john Deere 111 , 1985 year model has really dull blades and there beat up. I'm getting vibration and also the deck is lower on one side then the other. So I'm dropping the deck ,cleaning and further inspection . Getting new blades ,their shot. Then leveling deck, a little lower in frt. Then back . Blades dull and deck not level stressed the drive belt and cutting damp grass really short cashed the belt bigtime. Oh well , live and learn by reading and watching repair video's. Thanks so much.


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runedruncrilly not necessarily. If your belt is not properly routed or if any of the pulleys are misaligned or the bearings are worn, your belt would do the things you described. Let us know the make and model of your tractor so we can possibly try to help you with this.

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