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Google Pixel ist Googles erstes Flaggschiff-Smartphone, welches am 20. Oktober 2016 veröffentlicht wurde. Das Gerät mit einem 5 Zoll AMOLED Display ist mit 32 GB oder 128 GB Speicher erhältlich und in 3 verschiedenen Farben, blau (Really Blue), schwarz (Quite Black) und silber (Very Silver) verfügbar.

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Are Audio Codec and Microphone Issues The Same?

I'm curious about where the Audio Codec chip is on the Pixel?

Most info I seem to find say replacing the daughter board fixes microphone issues, but I can't find any info on if this fixes the audio codec hairline fracture issue.

I ask this because my Pixel seems to have issues with the microphone along with the various audio outputs on the device including the headphone jack and the ear speaker, these issues only get fixed when I reboot and even then it works for a limited amount of time.

So does replacing the daughter board clear this up since to my understanding the audio codec chip is on there?

Or have I misunderstood and the audio codec chip is on the motherboard and I need to get the board reflowed? And no the phone isn't under warranty, due to the fact that I got it second hand from a friend for cheap since the screen was cracked and it was their old phone that they replaced rather than fixed.

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Hi @zelec,

I own a Pixel and i'm facing the same problem. Have you figured out if replacing the daughterboard solves the problem?

Looking for answers I found the thread below. There we can see that the audio codec is on the motherboard. I'll try the solution posted by Brendan Peterson for reflow the solder on the audio chip to restore the connections

Fixing the microphone issue

I'll let you know any news.


@douglascarvalho Did you make any progress?


@tinkertoys I sent my Pixel to UbreakIFix service on EUA. I found that they are replacing the motherboard for free for this known problem. If they can't change the board for free or they charge too expensive, I will try to reflow the audio chip as I mentioned before. I think reflow the chip is the best solution for one who doesn't have Google Support or isn't in American soil. audio chip problem , can it be changed?


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Hi @zelec ,

I don't know but the audio codec chip contains a digital to analogue decoder for the received digital audio to operate the analogue receiver/speaker in the phone and the microphone needs an analogue to digital encoder so that the voice transmission can be sent digitally, presumably they both could be contained in the same chip.

Have you tried starting the phone in safe mode to see if the problem occurs?

Have you tried a factory restore to see if this resolves the problem?

Just some thoughts.

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Thanks @Jayeff,

About a month ago or so I had already attempted to factory reset my pixel, and I had reflashed the factory firmware from Google's developer website (OPM4.171019.016.B1, May 2018 iirc) and the issues did not go away.

All I want to know is if the codec chip is on the daughterboard or on the motherboard since I don't want to open this device any more than I have to (Replacing the daughter board about a week ago I accidentally cracked the LCD under the glass so I've been waiting on parts to arrive, so I don't want to risk doing it again)


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