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The ThinkPad Edge E530 by Lenovo is a business market targeted laptop. This model has a 15-inch display that has HD+ Antiglare LCD, up to 1TB or storage, max memory capacity of 8GB, and a 720p HD webcam for video conferencing.

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Screen rotates when I don't want it to

I have a Lenovo E530 Thinkpad Edge. When I click on Ctrl+Alt+ a keyboard arrow, the computer screen rotates. However, this is the same key combination I need for a specific command in Photoshop. How can I change the function of these keys so that they will not rotate the computer screen? Thanks.

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Hi Peter. The screen rotation commands are controlled by the laptop graphics card. In this case you have an intel HD4000 GPU. You can adjust the function of these hot keys using the Intel Graphics Control Panel. You should be able to disable it or remap the keys to something else.

Here's more info about it:


Good luck!

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That worked! Thanks for your help.



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