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Released June 2017, the iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7".

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No iPad pro Schematic/BV - need to run a jumper for charging port conn

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I have a pulled pad on an iPad pro 10.5 charging port. I don't believe any has ever been able to get their hands on a Schematic or BV for this model. I need to run a jumper from the connector but not sure where to run it to. Can anyone help?

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hi ryan if you can post so that people can see which pad is missing


@tech_ni I've added a picture. It is the 9th pad from the bottom on the left


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With no available schematics or BV, you will probably have to find the connection spot yourself. Generally speaking, the charge port is always connected via a test point underneath the logic board. Just put one probe on your pad and probe the underside of the logic board until you find it.

Unless someone has already done this before and mapped it, this is likely your only real solution.

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@refectio if multiple test points "beep" in continuity mode, should I attach the jumper to all the points that beep?


You can just attach to any point, they are all connected internally (hence why they beep).


@refectio thank you for your response!


Thanks for this comment, I also ripped a pad off my iPad Pro 9.7 for the flex cable that connects to the top speaker. I'm waiting for the new piece to get here so I can attempt to run a jumper wire.


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